Stroke and Neurologic Restoration Center

Stroke and Neurologic Restoration Center

This clinic uses a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to develop and bring innovative treatments to patients in Hawaii who have suffered from a stroke. We have a goal of significantly improving the chances of an excellent recovery. Our approach includes optimizing rehabilitation efforts and the use of Botox injections for dystonia and spasticity, which can help to improve mobility and function. The clinic works closely with patients in preventing stroke as well. This includes the most up to date medical therapies but HPN also focuses on lifestyle modifications. A holistic approach is applied, addressing mental concerns as well as diet and healthy activities. We collaborate as needed in achieving our goals, including working with the Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Center at Castle Medical Center; and especially the smoking cessation program.

Multidisciplinary Team

Jason Viereck, MD, PhD

Jason Chang, MD
Neurorehabilitation, Spasticity, Communication, Mobility, Swallowing

Vimala Vajjala, MD

David Kaminskas, MD

Pat Borman, MD

Sriharsha Vajjala, MD
Sleep Medicine

James Campbell, PA-C
Brain Health, Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness

Kore Liow, MD
Research Neurologist

Lecture on “Code Stroke” by Jason Viereck, MD, PhD, Director of Stroke Center