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Clinical Trials

MISSION of clinical trials conducted at Clinical Research Center in Hawaii is:

Our HOPE is that it can meet an unmet need for

Research Therapies are FREE to qualified patients and some may also offer FREE neighbor island travel ALL patients continue to follow up with their primary neurologists & primary care physicians while in trial

Conditions Indications Study Name Treatment NIH Website Who Qualifies
Alzheimer’s Memory Mild Moderate AD LIFT (Neuro Synaptic) Fosgonimeton NCT04488419 MMSE 14-24
Alzheimer’s MemoryMild Moderate AD (Axonal Transport) Buntanetap NCT05686044 MMSE 14-24
Alzheimer’s MemoryMCI Mild AD ENVISION (Amyloid0 Aducanumab NCT05310071 MMSE > 22
Alzheimer’s MemoryMCI Mild AD CELIA (Tau ASO) BIIB080 NCT05399888 MMSE > 22
Alzheimer’s MemoryMCI Mild AD LIGHTWAVE (NMDA) SAGE-718 NCT05619692 MoCA 15-25/MMSE > 22
Parkinson’s Early PD LUMA (LRRK2) BIIB1222 NCT05348785 PD within 2 years
Parkinson’sEarly PD (Axonal Transport) Buntanetap NCT05357989 H&Y 1-3 On state
Parkinson’sTremor (Calcium) Suvecaltamide NCT05122650 Moderate to Severe PD Tremor
Essential Tremor EVEREST (Calcium) Suvecaltamide NCT05122650 Moderate to Severe Tremor
Epilepsy Focal REALIZE CVL-865 NCT04244175 > 4 seizures/month
EpilepsyFocal X-TOLE2XEN1101 NCT05614063 Seizures > 2 years
EpilepsyPGTC X-TOLE3XEN1101 NCT05667142 3 PGTC in 8 weeks
Abortive Focal or Generalized STARSEP0162 or 0165 NCT05077904 Seizures
Spasticity DIRETION Dysport NCT04936542 Upper limb Spasticity > 3 mths
Headache Migraine LAHV/LAHW Lasmiditan NCT04396236 Migraine > 6 mths
Huntington’s Chorea DIMENSION SAGE-718 NCT04396236 CAG Mutation > 40U
Multiple System Atrophy CYPRESS Ampreloxetine NCT05696717 Neurogenic Orthostatic > SBP or > 10 DBP

Kore Kai Liow, MD, FACP, FAAN

Principal Investigator, Clinical Research Center
Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience
Clinical Professor, Dept. of Medicine (Neurology),
Graduate Faculty, Clinical & Translational Research
University of Hawai`i John Burns School of Medicine

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