Patient Experience

Patient Experience

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Tasha Josue
Patient Experience Officer
Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience

At Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience, the heart of Patient Experience is CARE. We are here to care for people. Excellent Patient Experience begins from the moment initial contact is made whether in person or by phone to address patient inquiries or schedule appointments. The importance of that experience transcends behind the scenes through eligibility, prior authorization, and billing. This genuine care follows patients from the time they check-in to appointed times with their doctors with the help of their MAs and Diagnostics team and carries on through check-out. At Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience, your patient experience is important – it is a circle of CARE surrounded by hands and hearts of Aloha.

Jessalyn Lau
​Patient Experience Officer
Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience

The Patient Experience Office at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience (HPN) is the first and only clinic in Hawaii and one of the few established throughout the U.S. to make patient experience a strategic priority. HPN is delivering on its mission of providing personalized care by establishing an office that is dedicated solely to providing creative, holistic solutions for a variety of patient needs.

For nearly a decade, HPN continues to strive for excellence, using the latest technology to deliver the best outcomes in treatment, inclusive of physical comfort, educational, emotional and spiritual needs. The mission of the HPN Patient Experience Office is to prepare Hawaii for the future of healthcare – and that begins with each and every patient.

HPN created the patient experience office to provide a wide range of treatment care, offering a variety of clinical services such as neurology, neurosurgery, geriatrics, psychology and clinical trials. HPN believes that treatment is not strictly face-to-face time with the physician but rather treatment begins from the moment a connection is made at HPN. Whether it’s participating in clinical trials, connecting with HPN on social media, or simply craving to learn more about neurology and how the brain works, HPN is dedicated to serving the diverse needs of patients because at HPN, patients are more than just patients, they are Ohana, or family.