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Neurological Education

University Hawaii Resident now back to Serve our Sleep Patients!

Originally from Colorado, Dr. Anderson completed medical school at the University of Colorado followed by residency in Family Medicine at University of Hawaii John Burns School of Medicine. While a resident on rotation at the Sleep and Insomnia Center, he was intrigued by the many different sleep disorders and the significant difficulties that they cause in patients’ lives. He then went on to complete a fellowship in Sleep Medicine before coming to join us!

Nicholas Anderson MD is a Sleep Medicine physician who specializes in the treatment of sleep disorders including sleep apnea (obstructive, mixed, and central), insomnia, restless leg syndrome, parasomnias, delayed and advanced sleep phase, and general pediatric sleep disorders. He is passionate about caring for those with sleep disorders and helping improve quality of life by assisting patients to achieve high-quality sleep. Consistent with his background in Family Medicine, he aims to take a well-rounded and comprehensive approach that is patient-centered and considers the many factors in life that impact health. He is also passionate about advocating for increased awareness of sleep disorders in medical education and among the general public. He believes strongly that high-quality sleep should be considered a priority in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and helping to improve other chronic diseases. Ultimately his goal is to do what he can to help others regularly achieve a good night’s sleep.

In his spare time, he is an avid Denver sports fan and enjoys playing sports including basketball and tennis, spending time outdoors with his wife and children, and participating in his church.

Nicholas Anderson, M.D.

Director, Sleep & Insomnia Center & AASM Accredited Sleep Laboratory
Sub-investigator, Sleep Research Unit

Fellowship: Sleep Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine
Residency: Family Medicine, University of Hawaii
Medical School: University of Colorado School of Medicine

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience – HONOLULU, 2230 Liliha Street #104, Honolulu, HI 96817 (St Francis Liliha)
Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience – WEST OAHU, 94898 Lumiaina St. #203, Waipahu, HI 96797 (Waikele Prof. Bldg.)
Call or Text (808) 261-4476 or Fax Referral Form to (808) 263-4476

Emerging Targets for Acute Seizure Management

August 2nd Wednesday 12:45PM

He holds the Rubin Brown Distinguished Chair in Pediatric neurology. Dr. Sankar’s laboratory research has addressed the mechanisms of seizure-induced injury and epileptogenicity in the developing brain, and is funded by the NINDS, NIH. Present research also includes investigations on improving the throughput for screening compounds for antiepileptogenic action on the developing brain and modeling the comorbidity of depression that accompanies epileptogenesis. Recent work by Drs. Mazarati and Sankar have demonstrated connections between the epileptic state, physiologic stress, inflammation and how these factors modify the serotonergic tone in the brain stem-hippocampal pathways.

Raman Sankar, MD, PhD

Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics
Chief of Pediatric Neurology
David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA

Hawaii Neuroscience Conference Center (St Francis Liliha Kupuna Village) 2230 Liliha Street #203 Honolulu, HI 96817

ARIA (Amyloid Related Imaging Abnormalities)

August 8th Tuesday 12:45PM

Learning Objectives:

What is ARIA?
How to Look for them?
How are they Treated?

Kore Kai Liow, MD

Principal Investigator for Hawaii Site 1008 for Lecanemab CLARITY Trial) (Since 2019)
Hawaii Site 1005 for Adulcanumab ENVISION Trial) (Since 2021)
Director, Memory Disorders Center & Alzheimer’s Research Unit
Clinical Professor, Dept. of Medicine (Neurology)
Graduate Faculty, Clinical & Translational Research
University of Hawai`i John Burns School of Medicine

Hawaii Neuroscience Conference Center (St Francis Liliha Kupuna Village) 2230 Liliha Street #203 Honolulu, HI 96817 – Attend in Person

Neurological Education

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