Neurological Education

Neurological Education

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience (HPN) serve as the largest active neurology and neuroscience teaching program in Hawaii attracting over 40 fellows, residents, medical students, post doctorate and graduate practicums students from the University of Hawaii, Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii School of Professional Psychology and Chaminade University every year who comes here for their educational rotations ranging from a month to the entire year. In addition, it also serve as a research site for both undergraduate and graduate students involved in various neuroscience research projects.

·        Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience offers both IN & OUT patient one on one experience with neuroscience faculty in both general and subspecialty neurology. In addition to highly structured rotation schedule to cover a wide spectrum of learning experiences integrated into weekly didactics, weekly CME lectures.

·        Please check updated Event Calender to attend ALL planned weekly neuro didactics, weekly CME lectures and you maybe asked to present interesting neurologic cases: TUE 12:30PM@Castle, WED 12:30PM@SFLiliha.

Typical rotation would include (optional rotations in research, neuroradiology to be arranged in advance):

•           2 weeks INPATIENT neurology exposure to diagnosis & hands on management of ACUTE neurological changes, encephalopathy, coma, stroke, TPA uses, intracranial bleed, seizures, status epilepticus, encephalitis, anoxic brain injury, brain tumors, cerebral edema, Gillian Barre syndrome, spinal cord injury, transverse myelitis and others

•           2 weeks OUTPATIENT multidisciplinary assessment and management of CHRONIC neurological conditions:


Outpatient Neuro Subspecialty Clinic Schedule 1

Mon:    AM      General Neurology Clinic (Viereck)

            PM       Stroke TIA Clinic (Viereck)

Tues:    AM      Headache Clinic (Kaminskas)

            PM       Concussion Clinic (Kaminskas)

Wed:    AM      Research Clinic @ SF (Liow)

PM       Epilepsy Monitoring @ SF (Liow)

Thurs: AM      Spine Clinic @SF (Beringer)

            PM       Sleep Dis. Clinic @SF (Slattery)

Fri:       AM      Neuromuscular EMG @ SF (Slattery)

            PM       Memory Dis. Clinic @ SF (Borman)

Outpatient Neuro Subspecialty Clinic Schedule 2

Mon:    AM      General Neurology Clinic (Kaminskas)

            PM       Spasticity/Botox Clinic (Kaminskas)

Tues:    AM      MS Clinic (Viereck)

            PM       Neuroimmnology Clinic (Viereck)

Wed:    AM      Neuromuscular EMG @Castle (Slattery)

PM       Memory Dis Clinic @Castle (Borman)

Thurs: AM      Gen Neuro Clinic @ Castle (Kaminska)

            PM       Epilepsy Clinic@ Castle (Liow)

Fri:       AM      Sleep Dis Clinic @SF (Slattery)

PM       Spine Clinic @ SF (Beringer)