Headache and Facial Pain Center

Headache and Facial Pain Center

The headache center is dedicated to relieving the pain and suffering of headache patients and improving their quality of life. Our physicians specialize in the treatment of patients with different headache types. The treatment effectively integrates medical and non-medical therapies, such as alternative medicine, Botox injections, physical therapy, and supportive counseling. This is an exciting time in headache management with the recent advancements such as anti-Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide (CGRP) therapies and neuromodulation. Anti CGRP therapies are migraine-specific medications targeting the inflammatory mediator involved in generating migraines, and available as both preventive and abortive treatments. Neuromodulation devices are advanced medical tools effective in treating migraines and cluster headaches and can be considered in patients who cannot take medications.

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