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Infusion Center

Infusion Center

Since 2017, Our experienced team of neurologists and infusion care team has been safely providing IV infusions to Hawaii’s patients with neurological conditions at the state’s first & only Infusion Center specifically dedicated & designed to optimally care for patients with neurological conditions.  Our onsite specialists are nationally recognized experts in neuroscience field and a pioneering leader & often FIRST in state & Pacific region to provide cutting edge research as well as FDA approved medications such as Aducanumab & Lecanemab.  

Why getting Infusions at an Infusion Center which specializes in neurological condition is important? How is it different from getting them at other settings? What can you expect?

Benefits to Patients:

→ Convenience of an outpatient setting in easy to get to central location in Honolulu (15 min from airport)

→ Easy parking and access to Infusion Center

→ Relaxed, comfortable outpatient setting : Reclining chair, TV (Netflix), Wi-Fi, snacks, privacy

→ On site experienced neurologists and care team to closely assess drug side-effect surveillance like ARIA and monitor long term clinical outcome for efficacy

→ On site specialized facilities including 3T MRI, CT, EEG, EMG for easy access for timely testing if needed

→ On site convenient labs and pharmacy

→ Concierge personalized patient care coordinator walking you through the process & financial counselor to look at ways to minimize out of pocket costs

Benefits to Referring Providers:

→ Specialized drug & patient education provided by experienced neuroscience team in office.

→ Handle every aspect of Infusion including Prior authorization, cost, patient education, adherence

→ Experienced infusion staff to optimize follow up care, education and support for patients & families.

Benefits & Sustainability to our Community:

→ Significant cost savings compared to hospital or home based infusion

→ Benefits of experienced onsite specialized neuro & infusion care team while reducing burden of care & unnecessary cost at acute care facilities

Mahalo for trusting us since 2017 to provide optimal care model for neurological patients needing infusion in the setting of an integrated quality clinical care aligned with specialized infusion services.  The outpatient ambulatory setting within a neuro-centric clinical care model improves patient care, as well as streamlining the process and making it much easier to respond to infusion reactions and to monitor and manage long-term side effect surveillance by a team of experienced neuroscience specialists.

Meet Our

Multidisciplinary Team

Kore Kai Liow, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.A.N.

Neuroscience Chair

Director, Memory Disorders Center, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Neuro COVID Clinic, Center for Neuromodulation, Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience
Principal Investigator, Clinical Research Center, BRITL (Brain Research, Innovation & Translation Labs) BCI (Brain Computer Interface) & Brain Mapping Lab
Clinical Professor of Medicine (Neurology), Graduate Faculty, Clinical & Translational Research, University of Hawai`i John A. Burns School of Medicine

Nicholas Anderson, MD

Sleep Medicine

Director, Sleep and Insomnia Center
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine,
University of Hawai`i John Burns School of Medicine

Darren DuGas, M.D.


Director, Video-EEG Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)
Co-Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Sub- Investigator, Epilepsy Research Unit

Natalia Gonzalez Caldito, M.D.


Director, MS & Neuroimmunology Center
Director, ALS & Neuromuscular Center & IV Infusion Center
Sub investigator, MS & Neuroimmunology & Neuromuscular Research Unit

Janette Abramowitz, M.D.


Research Faculty, Brain Mapping Lab, Brain Research, Innovation & Translation Labs
Residency: Combined Neurology & Psychiatry University of Massachusetts Medical School Medical School: University of Massachusetts Medical School

Paul Smith, M.D.

Lifestyle Medicine

Director, Self Care & Wellness Center
Sub-investigator, Clinical Research Center
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (Neurology), University of Hawai`i John A. Burns School of Medicine

Chris Larrinaga, ARPN-BC, MSN, CNRN

Neurology, Neuroscience

Sleep Medicine
Sub-Investigator, Clinical Research Center

L. Nicole Little, PA-C, PhD

Neurology, Neuroscience

Headache & Facial Pain
Sub-Investigator, Clinical Research Center

Nicole Evans, PA-C

Neurology, Neuroscience

Sub-Investigator, Clinical Research Center

Qing X. Li PhD

Basic Science, Neuroscience

Professor, Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Honolulu


Neurology, Neuroscience

Memory Disorders
Sub-Investigator, Clinical Research Center

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