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Neuroscience Conference Services


Your Partner in Creating Successful Conferences, Events and Meetings

2230 Liliha Street #104
(808) 564-6116

Coordinator: Kimberly Ko

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Professional Engagement Services is an in-service management company that pride itself on partnership with our clients from around the world. We specialize in providing professional conference solutions in person and virtually to a wide range of conference needs ranging from medical speaking engagements to scientific research meetings. Along with our deep understanding of what is important for a successful conference specific to Hawaii’s unique setting, we ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met including flawless execution of the actual event with easy access and optimal attendance by physicians and professionals, as well as a full inventory of conference room services, equipment, catering and other conference essentials.

Our range of services include:

Conference Planning
• Professional Conference Room usage
• AV Rental and On site AV Personnel
• On site iT staff
• Video Camera access
• Responsible for catering and ordering appropriate food for local audience

Speaker and Representative Management
• On Site Staff and personnel availability for set up and break down for the physicians
• Coordination with speaker and representative
• Introduction and welcome of speaker by Neuroscience Institute director or delegate

Marketing and Communications
• Appropriate Promotion and Invite of event to appropriate professionals locally
• Ensure optimal attendance by physicians & professionals of at least 10-15 people
• Including 10-20% of neurologists in the state of Hawaii

Registration and Sign in Management
• On Site Staff and personnel registration and signage services

Remote Conference Option Available
• With this added feature, speakers are able to present remotely to our physicians on island
• Site coordinators can facilitate the zoom room features with attending guests and staff
• Audio and Visual included

Cost is ALL Inclusive (including prime conference location rental, food, drinks, projection equipment, promotion, conference and AV personnel services) of ONLY USD 2,250 payable 4 weeks before engagement. Questions can be directed to Kimberly Ko (kko@hawaiineuroscience.com) or (808) 261-4476.
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