Memory Disorders Center

Memory Disorders Center

Multidisciplinary Team

The Memory Disorders Center and Alzheimer’s is very proud to be 1 of 34 top memory clinics in US to be selected by NIH/NIA to serve as Genematch Program/ NCT02564692 and part of the National Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiatives (API) Registry Site and State of Hawaii Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry.

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Memory Disorders Center is the only facility in Hawaii with a dedicated multidisciplinary team of geriatricians, neurologists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, nurse practitioners and brain health and wellness specialists trained in diagnosing and treating memory disorders and dementia.

The evaluation to diagnose memory disorders and dementia may include an MRI of the Brain, EEG, laboratory tests and neuropsychology testing. Each patient is unique and medical workups will vary depending on the patient’s medical history and clinical presentation. Once the evaluation for the patient is complete, the multidisciplinary team will discuss the findings with the patient and family. Together we formulate an individualized plan for treatment and management. Plans can include medications and lifestyle recommendations. Teaching includes nutritional counseling, physical exercise, and brain stimulation exercises that focus on improving brain health. Memory Disorders Center staff are dedicated to continued support those living with memory disorders. Care for the caregivers is a vital part of the Memory Disorders Center program and includes education, counseling, coordination of care and access to resources in the community. Our staff advocate for the highest level of independence compatible with comfort and safety.

The Memory Disorders Center collaborates with the Clinical Research Center at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience offering free memory and genetic testings as part of groundbreaking investigational research studies for mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. The Clinical Research Center is a part of the global network of top neuroscience centers of Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative. The research includes institutions like NIH/National Institute of Aging, University of Pennsylvania Telegenetics Program and Banner University Alzheimer’s Disease Center.




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