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A concussion or other types of traumatic brain injury can affect everyone differently. Common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, imbalance, falls, mood disturbances and memory problems. Most improve within a week or two, but some symptoms last longer and can affect daily life. Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Center at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience is dedicated to provide comprehensive care that includes clinical evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation for those with concussion or severe traumatic brain injuries.

After a comprehensive evaluation, an individualized treatment plan customized for individual needs will be tailored. Our multidisciplinary team at the Concussion Center includes a Neurologist, a Physiatrist and a Cognitive-Behavioral Specialist. The neurologist, with dual training in epilepsy and headache medicine has a unique skill set to treat not only posttraumatic seizures and epilepsy but also posttraumatic headaches, which are very common after any concussion. The experienced physiatrist can provide rehabilitative treatment options for severe traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries.
Our Neuroscience Center of Excellence is recognized nationally for its work not only in providing most advanced cutting edge treatments, but also work with other centers in US and global to offer groundbreaking Clinical Research. >>Clinical Trials Available in Hawaii

Our specialists and staff are passionate about making a difference not just for our patients but for their precious families and caregivers. We understand the challenges of facing these issues and want to be sure you do not feel alone in this journey and have local resources available to you. Therefore, we work closely with and support Hawaii’s local support group. Please visit their website below.

Meet Our

Multidisciplinary Team

Kore Kai Liow MD, FACP, FAAN


Principal Investigator, Clinical Research Center,
BRITL (Brain Research, Innovation & Translation Labs)
BCI (Brain Computer Interface) & Brain Mapping Lab
Director, Center for Neurostimulation,
Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Memory Disorders Center

Jason Chang MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Chief Strategic Officer
Director, Spine & Pain Management
Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Center
Subinvestigator, Clinical Research Center

Jason Viereck MD, PhD


Director, Parkinson's & Movement Disorders Ctr
Comprehensive MS Center, Stroke & Neurologic Rehabilitation Center

Sriharsha Vajjala MD

Internal Medicine/Sleep Medicine

Subinvestigator, Clinical Research Center

Vimala Vajjala MD


Director, Video-EEG Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
Neurodiagnostic Institute of Technology,
Headache & Facial Pain Center

Paul Smith MD

Lifestyle Medicine

Director, Self Care & Wellness Center

Qing X. Li PhD

Basic Science

Kent Yamamoto MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Director, Concussion & TBI Center

Todd Uchima PA-C


Clinical Research Center

Chris Larrinaga, MSN, ARNP, CNRN


Clinical Research Center


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