Rural Health Services

Rural Health Services

The Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Rural Health Services (RHS) has been the coordinating body for rural and neuroscience care in Hawaii since 2009.    RHS has partnership with University of Hawaii, Hawaii Basin Area Health Education Center, Hawaii State Dept. of Health, Chronic Disease Prevention and Health promotion Division to increase its ability to bring statewide neuroscience resources to rural areas especially those on the neighboring islands where neuroscience specialists or care is lacking or not available at all.  

RHS offers assistance to hospitals, clinics and communities to strengthen the rural and neuroscience health care delivery system. RHS is headed by Deena Craig, PA-C who completed neuroscience residency at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience and has had over 20 years of experience working in rural health.  The specialists at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience are committed to support RHS by ensuring that these populations have access to neuroscience specialists that are trained and understands the relevant local rural cultures and their needs. 

Among other things, one of RHS initiatives is to bring about Stroke prevention initiatives especially to rural Hawaii regions with the high Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander population, who are almost four times more like to have a stroke and at younger age. 

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Rural Health Consultant PM & R

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