Patient Portal FAQ

Patient Portal FAQ

What if I get locked out of my profile and can’t remember my password or username?

Simply call (or text) us at 808-261-4476 and anyone who answers the phone will be able to unlock your account. This will require us to reset your password. Just follow the above steps again to create a new password.

What can I do with my online access?

With online access you can look at your scheduled appoints, reschedule appoints, request new appointments, request medical records, and update your personal information. You also have access to your lab/diagnostic reports and visit summaries.

Can I give access to my caregiver, guardian, family, etc.?

Anyone with your username and password has access to your profile. It is your choice to share this information or keep it private, however be cautious with your login information as your personal health information is accessible through the online portal.