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Hawaii Diagnostic Radiology Services

Locally owned and operated since 1968, HDRS has the most complete and trusted outpatient imaging clinics in Hawaii.

Welcome To HDRS

Hawaii Diagnostic Radiology Services offers expertise in a full range of diagnostic medical imaging services. Each of our facilities is staffed by subspecialized and board-certified radiologists, skilled technologists and exceptional support staff. Regardless of the type of exam you need, you can be assured to receive exceptional care in a comfortable and compassionate environment. At any time, please contact us if you have questions about a specific procedure or examination.

QA section

HDRS is locally owned and operated by radiologists who are in the office and available to answer any questions or concerns.

Yes, HDRS will email you a link to schedule your appointment online or your physician office can help you schedule your appointment through our physician portal.

Yes, most exams require an order from your physician.

HDRS can obtain your previous records from the other facility so our radiologists can provide quality continuity of care.

In person, HDRS accepts cash, check or credit card. By mail, you may send a check. With online bill payment, you may use a credit card.

Yes, HDRS provides full validation or free parking at all of our three locations.


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2230 Liliha Street Suite 106 Honolulu, HI 96817 United States

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