Dr. Vajjala

Sriharsha Vajjala, M.D.

Sleep Medicine

Dr. Sirharsha Vajjala completed sleep fellowship training at University of Maryland at Baltimore.  He graduated from Osmania Medical College, India in 2008. He then completed Internal Medicine Residency at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey in 2015. It was during residency years he became interested in Sleep as we spend one third of our lifetime in sleep yet we know so little.  During his fellowship, Dr. Vajjala received extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of various sleep disorders in both adults and children in a multidisciplinary department composed of pulmonologists, neurologists, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Sleep Medicine.

He currently practices full time sleep medicine at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience where he sees both adults and children.  Along with management of sleep apnea, he is passionate towards management of Insomnia, sleep-related movements disorder, circadian rhythm disorders, and disorders of hypersomnolence of central origin (such as narcolepsy and/or idiopathic hypersomnia).

His primary focus is to help patients sleep naturally minimal or no use of sleep aids/medications with a comprehensive approach.   Dr. Vajjala has a simple goal in life which is to help people get a good night Sleep.