Dr. Borman

Pat Borman, MD

Neuro-Geriatrics, Memory and Dementia, Research

Assistant Clinical Professor of Geriatrics, University of Hawaii John Burns School of Medicine

Dr. Pat Borman grew up near San Francisco. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with high honors, receiving her degree in immunology and microbiology. She studied medicine at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and graduated with distinction. She finished training for her board certification in Family Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle. She is certified in geriatrics completing her fellowship at Swedish Family Medicine. She is certified in palliative medicine from the Institute of Palliative Medicine at San Diego.

Dr. Borman thrives on treating a variety of problems and uses a holistic approach caring for patients and their families. After a decade in private practice, Dr. Borman joined the faculty at Swedish Family Medicine Residency Program where she opened a new geriatrics fellowship. She continued as the Director of Geriatrics and was a clinical associate professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine for ten years. The stories and challenges of caring for the elderly made her a better physician. She discovered a unique skill in serving the very old, those over eighty-five years of age.

After leaving academic medicine, Dr. Borman opened a private practice, Medical Home Visits. She practiced the art of house calls, providing palliative care for medically frail patients. Palliative care helps patients and families cope with serious illness by focusing on comfort and maximizing their quality of life. She helps families with complex medical decisions and developing individualized goals of care.

Dr. Borman joined HPN in 2015. She is available for consultation in palliative medicine and geriatrics, complimenting the care of her neuroscience partners. People describe her as a strong patient advocate who brings optimism and compassion to her work.

At home, she loves her husband and cat and enjoys quilting and cooking. She watches wildlife and draws strength from the energy of the ever-changing ocean.