Give back, mentor, guide, nurture others in the Hawaii community
HPN’s 10-member faculty devoted their time and resources to mentoring nearly 100 residents, medical students, post-doc, grad and undergraduate students in 2017.


Innovate, embrace change, monitor outcome and efficiency; continue to attract groundbreaking neuroscience research to Hawaii
HPN Clinical Research Center team for being awarded 12 research projects in 2017 so our island residents no longer have to travel to the mainland for the latest neuroscience research options.


Values are what HPN strives to incorporate into the community and individual lives that HPN has the privilege to care for, regardless of the ability to pay
HPN has cared for more than 25,000 patient visits in 2016


Excellence and integrity are embraced and lived out every day and is reflected in HPN’s words, actions and attitude!

Inspire You & Me - Convoy of Hope Interview

With Pastor Ko, Pastor Sonoda, Michelle Liow and Tracie-Ann
Post Date: September 8, 2019

Our Ten Reminders

  • 1

    We are here to care for people

  • 2

    We show we care with our actions, words and attitude

  • 3

    We do everything with excellence

  • 4

    We strive to improve people’s lives

  • 5

    Each and every one plays an important role

  • 6

    We look out for each other

  • 7

    We demonstrate honor, integrity and respect in what we do

  • 8

    We maintain a culture and environment conducive for healing

  • 9

    We maintain healthy boundaries

  • 10

    We are good stewards of our resources