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Lunch and Learn Schedule

September 11 2020 - Mental and Emotional Health
Speaker: Vimala Vajjala, MD

August 14 2020 - Headache Triage: When is a Headache a Headache and When is a Headache an Emergency
Speaker: David Kaminskas, MD

July 10 2020 - Social Engagement in Medicine
Speaker: Kore Kai Liow, MD

June 12 2020 - Nutrition & Stroke Prevention
Speaker: Jason Viereck, MD, PhD

May 8 2020 - Sleep Health
Speaker: Sriharsha Vajjala, MD

Mar 13 2020 - Healthy Aging - A Six Pillar Approach
Speaker: Pat Borman, MD

Feb 14 2020 - You are what you eat
Speaker: James Campbell, PA-C, MPAS

Jan 10 2020 - Optimizing Brain Health
Speaker: James Campbell, PA-C, MPAS


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