Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Service

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Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience (HPN) now offers DOT CDL physical testing for Commercial Driver License examinations at both our Honolulu and Windward sites
You may secure your appointment today for just $150.  Upon successfully booking your slot over the phone, you may request to have one of our Multidisciplinary team of specialists see you within the next 24 hours!

Call us today at (808) 261-4476 and be one step closer to getting your license!


Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience will provide the most comprehensive and convenient “one stop shop” CDL examination related services in Hawaii. Every medical certificate issued to a commercial driver will not only certify each driver’s health and fitness for driving but also provide an assurance of Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience’s commitment to public safety, wellness and prevention.


Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) service seeks to reduce or prevent motor vehicle accidents, injuries, and fatalities involving oversized vehicles by thorough assessments, accurate documentation, and timely submission of DOT medical exam reports.


1) Availability of appointments within a 24-48 hour window and accommodation of same day requests.

2) Provide comprehensive neurological services for stroke and seizure clearance; sleep lab and specialists for evaluation of sleep disorders and OSA; physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist able to perform SPE evaluations.

3) Direct access to neurorehabilitation, headache, memory, and traumatic brain injury specialists.

4) Onsite access to MRI, CT, EEG, sleep studies, and memory testing. 

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