Brain Health Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Center

Brain Health Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Center

Welcome to the Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience (HPN) Brain Health, Lifestyle and Wellness Center!

The vision of the Brain Health, Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Center is to further augment our patients’ experiences and treatment outcomes by utilizing a holistic approach through evidence-based medicine, technology, nutrition and diet, exercise programs, faith, meditation, and mindfulness. We focus on treating, preventing, and even reversing chronic diseases by utilizing six pillars of mind- fullness. These pillars are:

  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Food Choices
  • Medical Management
  • Sleep and Rejuvenation
  • Mental Fitness
  • Social Interaction

This comprehensive approach combines science, evidence-based medicine, technology, a collaborative team, and faith to optimize patient care. Building a personalized wellness road map starts by assessing each patients’ health risks such as:

  • high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol
  • nicotine use
  • personal or family history of cardiac events, stroke, headaches and/or seizures
  • BMI>35
  • stress, poor sleep
  • mental health concerns
  • dementia

It is also necessary to assess any behaviors, barriers, and limitations that would slow or block progress. Patients may receive a complete treatment plan within the Wellness Center or be referred to our network of partner services (i.e. nutritional counseling, exercise coaching, stress management) depending on the individual’s needs.

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience (HPN) is made up of more than 20 different disease-specific centers of excellence. The interdisciplinary collaborative team in neurology, neurosurgery, neurorehabilitation, physical medicine & rehabilitation, geriatrics, sleep medicine, brain health and lifestyle medicine place the patient at the center and focus of our care path.

HPN’s unique, fully integrated care model allows our patients to access the specialized care they need through our disease specific centers and integrating the expertise into the comprehensive holistic care of the individual patient.

6 Pillars of Mindfullness - Your Brain and Whole Health Symposium
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Our multidisciplinary team harnessing the expertise of different specialists including sleep specialist trained in neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychologist and psychologist. in addition to medical and surgical therapy, our psychologists provide Cognitive Behavior Therapy-Insomnia (CBT-I), the gold standard treatment for poor sleep. CBT-I utilizes a variety of techniques to improve your sleep by modifying your behavior before bedtime as well as changing the ways of thinking that keep you from falling asleep. You will be first asked to complete a sleep diary and our psychologists will work with you in sessions to help you change the way you sleep. We also provide general psychology services to address symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain, depressed mood, and other psychiatric conditions which may cause sleep difficulties. For those patients interested in research therapies for sleep disorders including insomnia, they can contact Sleep Research Unit (808) 564-6141 or

Multidisciplinary Team

James Campbell, PA-C
Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness      

Paul Smith, MD
Board Certified Preventive Medicine

Vimala Vajjala, MD

Jason Viereck, MD, PhD

Sriharsha Vajjala, MD
Sleep Medicine

Jason Chang, MD
Neurorehabilitation, Brain and Neuromuscular Wellness

Kore Liow, MD
Brain Health & Wellness Research Neurologist

David Kaminskas, MD

Pat Borman, MD
Palliative Pain Management