Brain Research, Innovation & Translation Lab

Brain Research, Innovation and Translation Labs

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience is recognized nationally for our work in neuroscience research conducted at the Clinical Research Center and BRITL (Brain Research, Innovation & Translation Labs).  HPN’s robust clinical and academic research programs fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration.  Physicians and scientists work closely within and across centers, institutes, and schools to collaborate whether they are basic laboratory-based scientists, bio statisticians or clinicians to encourage cross disciplinary translation bench to bedside research.    

HPN accepts a number of  BRITL Neuroscience scholars each year to work with our seasoned neurologists and neuroscience researchers on various projects each year.  BRITL’s mission is to support our local medical students by providing the opportunity to work under neuroscience researchers involved in projects to benefit patient neurological care through a unified approach to research with innovation and translation as its foundation.  More information on BRITL:

Hawaii BRITL Neuroscience Scholars

Arash Ghaffari-Rafi, MS4
Julie Crocker, MS4
Andrew Ko, MS4
ryce Kalei Chang, MS4
Selin Kutlu, MS4
Keke Liu, MS4
William Harris, MS4
Sheri Hiroi, MS3
Grant Yoneoka, MS3
Emily Taylor, MS3

Ilana Buffenstein, MS3
Frances Tiffany Morden, MS2
Rachel Gorenflo, MS2
Bree Kaneakua, MS 2
Anthony Silva, MS2
Richard Ho, MS1
Max Nakamoto, MS1
Charissa Tan, MS1
Kyung Moo Kim, MS1
Tate Higashihara, MS1

Hawaii Neuroscience Summer Research Internships

Catherine Mitchell
Clinical Research Coordinator
SIP Coordinator

Become a HPN Intern

HPN Summer Internship Program (HPN-SIP)

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience offers the largest neuroscience teaching facility in the state of Hawaii. Our mission is to give back, mentor and nurture the future of our Hawaii healthcare leaders. Since 2009, over 260 students have gained valuable experience through our program. The 2019 HPN-SIP cohort included 30 students from the high school to the graduate school level. In our 8-week intensive program, interns have the opportunity to interact directly with our multidisciplinary team of doctors and to experience working in a clinic setting. Additionally, interns choose a therapeutic area to research for the duration of their program and present their research in a Summer Symposium at the end of the program.

Applications for the 2020 program are now available. Please reference the application below and submit no later than 24 APR 2020. The expected 2020 cohort will be 30 students. Applications are accepted on a rolling-basis and will be closed when the cohort is filled. For further inquiries, please email Catherine Mitchell at

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